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About Us

The Black Behavioral Health Network was founded in March of 2017.  The Black Behavioral Health Network is  committed to bringing support, hope and healing to those facing significant life challenges. Our method is to utilize existing community services while providing a safe and sober residential option to help clients get their lives back. With increasing resources, support and growing community awareness, we are able to change the lives of transitional black populations for the better.


BBHN envisions offering comprehensive and culturally appropriate behavioral health services to men and women committed to a guided recovery journey that enable them to reach their full human potential and become contributing members to their community, families, and society.


Black Behavioral Health Network provides access to an array of culturally appropriate community-based behavioral health services. Our focus is on positive treatment outcomes for all individuals within our care, African Americans, BIPOC and others within the Greater Springfield area. Our goal is to address service gaps and public health disparities experienced by individuals, families, military veterans, those affected by addiction, criminal justice issues, homelessness, unemployment, underemployment, and other social injustices that affect the quality of life for those populations.

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  • COMMITMENT – BBHN is deeply committed to the stated vision, mission, and goals.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY – BBHN will promote individual and organizational accountability to offering high quality services to individuals and families that yield measurable and impactful outcomes.

  • SUPPORT – BBHN is committed to meeting individuals where they are in their recovery journey and create unique service plans that fit their specific recovery needs.

  • DIGNITY & WORTH OF ALL PERSONS - BBHN will adhere to policies and practices that always treat individuals and families with utmost respect and compassion.

  • CULTURAL COMPETENCE & HUMILITY - BBHN will deliver services that express the core principles of cultural sensitivity, competence, and humility.

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