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Services & Programs

Black Behavioral Health Network (BBHN) provides access to an array of culturally appropriate community-based behavioral health services. Our focus is on positive treatment outcomes for all individuals in our care, within the Greater Springfield area. 

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BBHN uses the Texas Christian University Evidence Based curriculum.  Our goal is to address service gaps and public health disparities experienced by African American individuals in need of reentry and recovery support services. 

Outpatient Treatment

BBHN will support individuals in our care to obtain outpatient treatment through the utilization of community partnerships and resources.


Black Behavioral Health Network will offer a 12-week workshop called "Transformations."  Transformations will be presented with evidence based curriculum from the Texas Christian University and offer health & wellness education.  The program will run for 2-hours twice a week. We will accept 10 participants, daily​. For more information about this program or to apply, contact us. 

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